ProjectBar am Weiher

Bernardo Bader

Materialwood and brass


The recreational area Drei Weihern, located above the city center of St. Gallen. This idyllic place is home to a total of five ponds, which were artificially created in the 17th century. The breathtaking location with its flowing topography provides a peaceful haven to retreat to. The construction of a common space, whose form and materiality conforms to the terrain and people, should give the place an appropriate appearance. The purpose was a neutral contrasting body that was open to all kinds of acitivities. Thus, the high ceiling and the narrow support structure continue to ensure an open view into the natural environment.

The square-shaped support system made of thin brass pillars stiffens the entire construction of the roof and creates a remarkable space due to its presence. Furthermore, the high number of bonnets allows for a visual impression of a floating roof, which consists of a web of stained oak beams. The whole construction is screwed and can be replaced or dismantled at any time.

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