ProjectBar am Weiher
Materialwood and brass
Location47°25'12.7"N 9°23'01.7"E

The recreational area Drei Weihern, located above the city center of St. Gallen. This idyllic place is home to a total of five ponds, which were artificially created in the 17th century. The breathtaking location with its flowing topography provides a peaceful haven to retreat to. The construction of a common space, whose form and materiality conforms to the terrain and people, should give the place an appropriate appearance. The purpose was a neutral contrasting body that was open to all kinds of acitivities. Thus, the high ceiling and the narrow support structure continue to ensure an open view into the natural environment.
The square-shaped support system made of thin brass pillars stiffens the entire construction of the roof and creates a remarkable space due to its presence. Furthermore, the high number of bonnets allows for a visual impression of a floating roof, which consists of a web of stained oak beams. The whole construction is screwed and can be replaced or dismantled at any time.

ProjectWohnen am Eck
Materialplaster and limestone concrete
Location47°25'45.4"N 9°22'47.7"E
PartnerCédric Ruppanner

The planned development of the lower Brühl provides a forecourt on the former Spelteriniplatz and a green pocket park that is surrounded by the city villas. The house "am Eck" skillfully combines these rooms and offers an inviting area. The classic tripartite division of the facade is mainly characterized by the change of material from lime plaster to limestone concrete. The newly interpreted relief projects the inner supporting structure of the work to the outside, thus optimally integrating the volume into the Museumsquartier. The seamless connection between the harsh city life and the regenerating green space creates an open atmosphere. The elevated colonnade and the associated fountain provide a new meeting and circulation point for the people of the district. The ground floor offers areas for commercial uses that can be adjusted flexibly. The way to the apartment offers constant contact to naturally vegetated green areas which extend over all floors. The respective floors are subdivided into three spacious living units which restore the relation to the green space through loggias and terraces. A scot-like ground plan design guarantees a continuous flow of light and offers all residents the best possible living experience.

ProjectLocus Editus
Materialrammed earth
Location47°24'52.4"N 9°11'23.8"E
PartnerLukas Meier

Flawil was once a proud embroidery village. Formerly known for the finest textile work throughout Europe, it is now a suburb of St. Gallen, Winterthur and even Zurich. In recent years, the very strong connection to long-distance traffic has led to an enormous growth of the population. The construction of a new district court in this highly demanded location should be a first step in clarifying the townscape. By drawing inspiration from Flawils’ typologies, a building is created that optimally contributes to the village’s structure and yet remains introverted. The core topic of this project was the use of clay. As the clay's physical properties optimally regulate the exchange of heat and moisture and thus create a pleasant indoor climate, it is possible to create this building with minimal climate-regulating installations. With this cutting-edge achievement, the town of Flawil and the district of Wil is setting a pioneering sign for the innovative upswing of this new sustainable building.

Programurban landscape
Location47°25'28.134"N 9°22'36.182"E
PartnerAdrian Läser, Anel Malcinovic, Lukas Meier, Cédric Ruppanner

"A continuous social space along the valley floor responds to the urban breaks in St.Gallen."

At the bottom of the valley a continuous path connects the quarters of St.Gallen. This path accommodates a foot and a bicycle path. This shortens traffic routes and upgrades the outlying districts. As a pioneering project, this is a reflection of the future society. It contributes to the energy production of the city and is therefore strong networked with the adjacent neighbourhoods. The connection of existing green spaces and the integration of the old Steinach locate the project in St.Gallen.

ProjectWohnen im Lustgarten
Location47°25'11.4"N 9°21'46.9"E