ProjectLocus Editus

Prof. Anna Jessen

Materialrammed earth



Lukas Meier

Flawil was once a proud embroidery village. Formerly known for the finest textile work throughout Europe, it is now a suburb of St. Gallen, Winterthur and even Zurich. In recent years, the very strong connection to long-distance traffic has led to an enormous growth of the population. The construction of a new district court in this highly demanded location should be a first step in clarifying the townscape. By drawing inspiration from Flawils’ typologies, a building is created that optimally contributes to the village’s structure and yet remains introverted. The core topic of this project was the use of clay. As the clay's physical properties optimally regulate the exchange of heat and moisture and thus create a pleasant indoor climate, it is possible to create this building with minimal climate-regulating installations. With this cutting-edge achievement, the town of Flawil and the district of Wil is setting a pioneering sign for the innovative upswing of this new sustainable building.

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